Crafters take note!

2C8DB97C-85C2-4E34-A725-89C76DFA2A65Here it is guys and girls, an old craft renewed! If you’re of a certain age you’ll have heard of macrame and might even have had a funky string plant hanger about 25 years  ago nestling a spider plant in its midst. Well, it’s back with a vengeance.

During a recent visit to Etsy, the crafter’s site where anyone can join and sell their creations, I found that macrame is making a big come back. And it looks better than first time around! There are books galore on how to use this fab rope work and although it looks extremely fiddly and complicated it’s easily mastered by anyone with crafty hands and a bit of patience. I might even have a go myself! With supplies easily sourced on the good old internet this could be a lovely hobby for those lazy Sunday afternoons. I’m off to go online shopping!

27E5E57E-FF3B-4F2D-ADF6-83B1A7A185BEPhotos shown are owned by @moderncraftbykirsty found on both Etsy and Instagram.