Tammy’s Thai review!

8CE78832-A146-464A-BB3F-C65CC495BDF3OK, so this is only going to mean anything to readers that are local to here (Surrey, UK) or happen to be visiting but it’s that good it just has to have a review.

We have visited Tammy’s about half a dozen times and every visit has been great. We had heard good things about this place and were passing one Saturday lunch time and decided to give it a go.

Now if you didn’t know about this restaurant you could quite easily drive straight past it without knowing it was there. That would be a crime!

From the outside it looks quite unassuming and like it once used to be a pub. It’s on quite a busy road (A22) in Newchapel, Surrey and quite honestly is a hidden gem!

AA85BD66-BDD6-43C2-8EA0-275085A92032When it comes to Thai food we know what we like and we don’t often stray from our absolute favourites. For starters, we ALWAYS order satay chicken skewers, salt and chilli squid (shown above) and tempora prawns. Needless to say, these three dishes are devoured within just a few minutes and are thoroughly enjoyed every single time. Each sumptuous starter is perfectly cooked and gorgeously seasoned and somehow (I don’t know how) they get the batter so perfectly crispy it is actually to die for. I can honestly say the same about every dish that we have had here. Many, many compliments to the chef!

4B671FA0-7BB7-490B-9955-6FB755EECB53When it comes to the staff at Tammy’s well, what can I say? They are all wonderful and very friendly and extremely attentive. You only have to be watching them for a few minutes to see that they are constantly checking tables to see if the diners need more drinks or if empty plates need taking away. And nothing is ever too much trouble, they are always eager to please.

Did I mention the decor? Inside the restaurant is nicely decorated and furnished with pretty fairy lights, orchids and  lots of Thai stuff (the tables are amazing). There are always little vases containing fresh flowers and tiny lit tea lights on each table, it really is the small things that make a difference. The tables are not placed too close together and even when at full capacity the restaurant still has a pleasant atmosphere.

1EE70510-98D5-4228-9C2C-B2288A610A71The menu I’m sure has something for everyone, whether  you like it spicy or not (I don’t like it too hot!) and when you get your bill you get a little bowl of sweets to munch on (smarties, jelly beans and mints). What does come across strongly is that the prices here are extremely reasonable (I don’t want to say cheap but it is compared to a lot of places we have been to!) I honestly think that they are not greedy and know that they will get bums on seats by simply providing a great service and wonderful food. It sure sounds like a recipe for success to me!