A tilted view.

If, like me, you love taking photos and you fancy trying something a little different I would strongly recommend giving tilt-shift photography a go. Now, taking photos is cool anyway but just imagine if you could make everything look tiny, like it was from a toy town. I first tried out my tilt-shift kit at my local railway station with very pleasing results and it was surprisingly easy to do. You don’t need any mega-expensive gear to start but just for example’s sake I used my Canon 5D mk IV with a Lensbaby Composer Pro with Sweet 50mm optic. You really don’t need a kit like this though and can use small and medium format cameras. The lensbaby was around £250 and does the job more than well enough for my needs but you can easily expect to pay upwards of £2000 for a pro-grade tilt-shift lens. Now for the tech bit. The tilt-shift comprises of rotation of the lens plane relative to the image plane (tilt) and movement of the lens parallel to the image plane (shift). So, you rotate and point the end of the lens towards your desired subject whilst keeping the camera body still. To get my images I placed myself on the bridge that crosses the railway line and got some fantastic shots with ease. It really is as easy as point, focus and shoot, moving the end of the lens around to capture what you want to be the main focus of the image. The lens beautifully blurs everything surrounding your subject and gives it the ‘toytown’ effect.

Although being a keen photographer and preferring to use my tilt-shift lens with my DSLR there are many apps available that will give a previously standard image the same effect. You can also edit your regular photos with photoshop and other similar software to give them the miniature look. It’s on my bucket list to take my kit to London and take some photos from The Shard, The Monument and some of the bridges across The Thames.